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Philosophers and academics have debated morality and ethics for millennia. Guidelines the Potter Box have creat to help people inform ethical decisions. 

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We are specializes in all areas of physic, astrology and spiritual healing. Please see below for some of the major services he offers.

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As one of the most established and famous astrologers in world, Astrologers Psychics has indeed carved a niche for himself in this field of spiritual healing and psychic capabilities.

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I am really glad to meet Pandit Sahadev Ji thank you so much sir for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction, I had no clue why things were going wrong with my love life. With his powerful Vedic astrology techniques my problems were sorted with a month.

Iram Iqbal

Excellent reading!! I will definitely be a returning customer. This Indian psychic doesn't deserve a 5 star reading. He deserves 10 STARS for being too amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! Highly recommended 😊

Brenda Malak

The best astrologer. I have ever seen anyone so perfect to predict people’s life and he helped me to reach spiritual goals in high dimension levels. Try your luck he is best

Philips Soprano

Pandit Sahadev is knowledgeable about astrology, and speaks with great depth and warmth. He gave a thorough description of my reading and I was happy to hear that my future would be optimistic.

Jos Gilchrist

He is very good and nice person. He is very kind hearted person. He is genuine in his work and I had really excellent service.

Papa Swolio

Pandit Sahadev is one of the best guides one can get for decision making. He takes into account the differences and similarities of everyone who comes to him before suggesting next steps.

Abbott Apollo

If you have trouble with your love life I strongly recommend you to seek help from Pandit Sahadev I'm glad to meet him he entirely changed my life and I'm happy with my love life thank you.

Stelvie Whit

Pandit Sahadev did a detailed analysis of my horoscope and suggested simple remedies. Initially I was in doubt but the results amazed me. Highly recommendable. Thanks Pandit Sahadev

Rateesh Kottakal

Best Indian Astrologer. He is a very knowledgeable astrologer who confidently analyzes the current state of a person. Not only did he explained logically, but also provided valuable guidance. Satisfactory experience

Alessya Farugia

Highly recommend Pandit Sahadev. He is a person who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of astrology and uses it to guide his clients in a trusted way. He is very reliable and a genuine person.

Andrew Rocky

I was facing issues in my working career. I got in touch with Pandit Sahadev and he settled my issues through spiritual remedy. I am highly thankful to Pandit Sahadev. Now my career is superb.

Aishwarya Prashanth

An experienced person Pandit Sahadev in Toronto, listens to your problem patiently & recommends simple solution also his predictions are trustworthy & accurate. Highly Recommended....

Crazygirl Poppy

Very nice astrologer and he gave me clarity on what he was explaining me. I would like to recommend him to anyone who is looking for best astrologer.

Dainik Jagra

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we answer the frequently asked questions or FAQs on Indian astrology, vedic palmistry, horoscopes, Numerology and Vaastu related subjects. These answers provide good awareness and into insight various astrology related subjects.

    Astrology helps you on two planes. On material plane, it lets you understand your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you to decide whom to trust and whom not to. It guides you through the right times to conduct right activities. On spiritual plane, it helps you to understand your mission in this life. You can reach the ultimate goal of self-realization through Astrology. If you do not believe in Astrology, then you cannot get these benefits of Astrology which believers get.

    Are you sure that everything told by the scientists is correct? Before Galileo, scientists used to say that the earth is the centre of the universe and the Sun and other stars are revolving round the earth. After Galileo, the same scientists said that the Sun is the centre of our solar system and the earth and other planets are revolving round the Sun. The point is science is at infant state. It should grow to understand Astrology which is a super science. You can see some interesting discussion on this at Astrology and science

    Astrology deals with the behavior of the human beings and the results of his actions. Since the life of a human being is very complex, decoding and understanding the influence of planets and stars is also very complex. Astrology provides very accurate picture of a human being’s life, but only a competent Astrologer can understand and interpret the picture correctly. If predictions go wrong, we cannot blame Astrology. We should blame the Astrologer.

    Why not? Since your present actions are mere reflections of your past deeds, and the future depends on your present actions, there is always a connection between past, present and future. By erecting the horoscope of a person, an Astrologer can understand his past, present and future. Even Astrology can tell you about your previous birth.