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Send Voice SMS and Get the way towards success for your business.

There are quite a lot of voice SMS service providers in the country and to choose the best one among them is too much of a daunting job. But when it comes to finding the most excellent and paramount voice calls providers in Bangalore then the name of only one voice call service company stands atop everyone else. Yes! It is Digital Infinizy which is considered to be the undisputed leader in the industry and is revered for finest quality services as well as for their supreme affordability.

At Digital Infinizy, we always strive hard to keep two things constant in our services, quality and affordability. The supreme quality voice call services are what we guarantee to deliver to our clients and that so without imposing huge revenues on it. We understand the budgetary constraints of our customers and that is why we have designed our packages in such a way so that it caters to the budgetary requirements of our customers.

Apart from providing quality service, we also offer maximum customer support so that you do not face any problem. From preaching how to send voice SMS to offering help at every moment, we do everything to deliver utmost satisfaction to our clientele. So, choose your voice SMS package today and send voice SMS to achieve overriding success. 

Benefits of using - Digital Infinizy

  • The best in class bulk SMS gateway and voice SMS services
  • No extra set up costs or gimmicks will be charged. You will have to pay for only what you are getting.
  • Super affordable packages and the guarantee of premier quality services.
  • Optimum customer support and a vast extravaganza of most jovial offers
  • We will you guide you through every step and will help you to stand atop the peak of success!

The Finest Voice Calls Providers in Bangalore to Look out for!

The most important thing that ensures the success of every business is healthy marketing and the basic principles of marketing propose that there must not be any communication barrier in between the business and its customers. The world of trade and commerce has changed significantly over the years and it has become highly competitive. So, the urge to interact with the customers has increased over time significantly.

Basically, what you need to do is to transpire your messages, business ideas, and information about your services or latest services to the customers. It will help them to feel connected with your business and will also compel them to put their faith upon your business. Now, there are several ways to have your messages transpired to your clientele but you need to find the best one to do so.

Though the bulk SMS remains atop the list of most successful ways to communicate with the customers but if something can match the efficiency of the bulk SMS then it has to be the voice calls. With proper voice SMS services, you can communicate any message you want to the customers and it is one of the most efficient ways since it is easier to understand anything that is narrated to you.

So, people can relate to whatever you are proposing through the voice SMS and they can then act accordingly. You can pre-record a voice mail and then transpire it to your customers or you can have your own operator to narrate your customers about everything that your company is proposing. Thus, it can be well deduced that an apt online voice call service is what you need to achieve paramount greatness and success for your business.

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Make your business communications much easier with Smart Voice SMS Services

Digital Infinizy was built for developers like you, we made our powerful APIs to enable you to send, receive and track your business communications effortlessly and deploy your ideas into reality with just a few lines of code.

Special Features In Bulk Voice Call - START Voice Messaging Today Kick Start Your Business Promotion With Bulk Voice SMS / Call Marketing

On extension WhatsApp

Send whatsapp alerts and notifications to your agents in case of any missed or unanswered customer calls.


Outreach a large number of potential customers in one-go by instantly broadcasting your message to a wide audience.

Wait For Voice

The AI system waits for the customer’s voice and then delivers the message with 100% with Instant

Reserve DID

DID numbers are used to assign direct numbers to specific members in the team, without the need of multiple physical telephone lines.

On Answered SMS

Notify your agents upon answered customer calls with clouds hope technology. If Didn't Pic Again It will Call Automatically

Text to Speech

The AI systems are fully automated and can effortlessly convert the text you input, into speech to convey messages through voice calls.

FAQ's of Bulk Voice SMS / Call Marketing

A voice broadcast is just a pre-recorded message that is sent to customers via telephone. It’s a simple and incredibly effective way to communicate with large numbers of people very quickly.

You can easily schedule a voice broadcast by going to the Campaign Schedule option when creating a campaign, and select the time and date you want to start the campaign in the start field. Once the campaign is created, start it from the Action menu of the campaign and it will start dialing on the given date and time.

There are many reasons. Paper-based and email-based marketing are extremely ineffective in most situations. We all know what happens when you receive Spam emails or junk letters – they go straight in the bin! Voice broadcasts reach the customer in a much more direct manner – via their phone. A voice broadcast is a hundred times more effective than traditional marketing methods. In addition, a voice message costs less to deliver than a posted letter or a message delivered by a telemarketing agent. When you start using Voice Broadcasting, your response rates go up and your costs come down.

Any organization or business that needs to communicate with large numbers of customers, employees, or client groups can use voice broadcasting. This could be a private sector business that wants to improve sales or customer relationships or a public sector organization that needs to stay in touch with the users of its services.

When you sign up with Digital Infinizy SMS you get to access an advanced web-based control panel that lets you set up recordings, upload your databases and broadcast your messages to the right people at the right time.

Once you have deposited funds, we will add the credits to your account between half to one hour, depending on the request volume.